October 1, New Release

Jane Harris-Zsovan's Weblog

Jane Harris Media Release 2015

J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing P.O. Box 86, RPO Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3M 3S3October, 2015

A Journey Through Social Exile in Canada

Jane Harris releases timely new book, Finding Home in the Promised Land.

978-1-927922-11-8 192pp $22.95
(Can and US) October 2015

Finding Home in the Promised Land is the fruit of Jane Harris’s journey through the wilderness of social exile after a violent crime left her injured and tumbling down the social ladder toward homelessness—for the second time in her life—in 2013. Her Scottish great-great grandmother Barbara`s portrait opens the door into pre-Confederation Canada. Her own story lights our journey through 21st Century Canada.

She asks why Canadians fell into accepting diminished dreams, and ignoring the obvious—that trauma and poverty are inextricably linked, and it is social exiles who fall through the cracks. She asks why Canada, a nation of exiles driven to create their own Promised Land came…

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