New Year, New Beginning

2018 was a year of major change for me. July 12 the police came to tell me that my husband was found dead. As anyone who has read my work knows, his mental health and addiction issues made him too dangerous to be around, but we were still married. No one deserves to die alone, addicted, broken, and confused as he did. Too many do.

Sadly, the RCMP did not find my brother, William Harris, alive last fall. His funeral was November 9.

So, while I did write, I didn’t send my work out.  The only big writing news I had last year was being published in Waiting, an Anthology of Essays (University of Alberta Press). More about that in another post.

This year, I intend to make the most of every day. That means getting through these massive piles of novel notes, poems, and essays I wrote last year and sending out them out into the world. I made good progress this weekend on the novel. A few magazine queries are brewing in my head, too.

I hope you are also planning to make your 2019 productive, too. Live now. The train of life is rushing toward the station.

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