My Tribute to Canada Day:

This came to me when I was brushing my teeth this morning and I heard Leonard Cohen’s voice on the television:
The Land of Poets
I come from the Land of Poets
Just south of the timberline
Where northern lights flourish and imaginations dance
On cold winter nights as storms rage
I come from the land of gardens
Where summers are hot
and the sun forces the sleepy from hibernation
I come from a nation born on the first of July
When they said it couldn’t be done
and we were doomed to oblivion
Because our neighbours were too strong for us
I come from the place where magic reigns and miracles are our birthright.
I come from Canada.
Jane Harris: 1st July 2019
Happy Birthday Canada! Happy Canada Day.

New Year, New Beginning

2018 was a year of major change for me. July 12 the police came to tell me that my husband was found dead. As anyone who has read my work knows, his mental health and addiction issues made him too dangerous to be around, but we were still married. No one deserves to die alone, addicted, broken, and confused as he did. Too many do.

Sadly, the RCMP did not find my brother, William Harris, alive last fall. His funeral was November 9.

So, while I did write, I didn’t send my work out.  The only big writing news I had last year was being published in Waiting, an Anthology of Essays (University of Alberta Press). More about that in another post.

This year, I intend to make the most of every day. That means getting through these massive piles of novel notes, poems, and essays I wrote last year and sending out them out into the world. I made good progress this weekend on the novel. A few magazine queries are brewing in my head, too.

I hope you are also planning to make your 2019 productive, too. Live now. The train of life is rushing toward the station.

Bring William (Bill) Harris Home to us

This is not my usual writing news. This is  an urgent request. My brother is  missing and we need to find him. He has significant health issues and will likely need medical attention when found. William (Bill) Harris has difficulty speaking due to multiple cancer surgeries and is very thin. Some people may mistake him for a homeless person. He has a whole family that loves him and needs to bring him home.

Please view the poster below, and if you find William (Bill) Harris, please call the local police detachment or the RCMP and seek medical assistance for him him:

The Deeper Truths in Fiction

For the last several months, I have pretty much abandoned non-fiction to write a novel. Now why would I do that? I have zero track record with fiction and I have always been able to sell my non-fiction. Why take the risk to try something new?

The answer are simple. First I have a story that has begging me to let it unfold itself into a manuscript, and it refuses to be pushed aside anymore. Second, fiction allows us to speak the truth in a deeper way.

In short, writing fiction is my safe place to face the monsters and say the things I am still afraid to say aloud. We all need a safe place.

That said, once I get the first draft done, it will be time to resume work on my book of essays and send out a few non-fiction queries.  And the long process of revising and editing the novel manuscript into the book I have always wanted to right will begin.



Waiting Starts? Ends? in August

Since I am back on track with weekly blog posts, I would like to give you a sneak peak at  a collection of essays Waiting, An Anthology of Essays.  Part of the University of Alberta Press’s Robert Kroetsch Series, and edited by Rona Altrows and Julie Sedivy,  the anthology will hit the bookstores the August.

I am excited to have one of my essays,  “Waiting for a Hero,” included in the Waiting Anthology and it is a pleasure to work with Rona and July. Great editors, and active listeners, for sure!

Want to know more? Here’ s the link:



Woman unleashed with significant expertise in Canada’s Constitution

I am a woman unleashed thanks, in no small part to the people at the Monarchist League of Canada, who supported me through my brain injury, three years of therapy, and even one or two PTSD attacks. Who never called me stupid or treated me like a ‘poor baby’ when I made odd spelling errors or got mixed up. They simply found me an editor. It was they who restored my faith in my ability to contribute the public discourse in Canada after a horrendous experience with a political party, and who gave me a constitutional expertise and social media experience that I will now be able to apply to my books, essays, and articles and my social media feeds. I am so excited to take my fight to make Canada better in every way to the trenches and know what I am talking about. Thanks, in no small part to people like Ruth Hart Budd, Robert Finch Robert Budd, Lorne D. McGlynn, and Roy Eappen, as well as our incredible Dominion Secretary who has had the patience of Job with me as I put my life back together, I believe I can actually do what I am setting out to do. Onward, this is exciting!


Jane Harris will be at LitFest October 15, moderating and in conversation with Teva Harrison, author of In-Between Days, a memoir about living with Cancer.

Date: Oct 15 at 2:00PM, Location: CN Theatre, MacEwan University, Event title: In-Between Days: Living with Cancer.

Jane Harris is the winner of a 2016 Alberta Literary Award, the James H. Gray Award for Short Non-Fiction, and was a finalist in the 2016 Alberta Magazine Publishers’ Association Showcase Awards for her essay, “The Unheard Patient.” Her memoir, Finding Home in the Promised Land, now out in E-Book Format through Signature Editions, is the second book by Jane Harris to be published by J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing. The first, Eugenics and the Firewall: Canada’s Nasty Little Secret was published in 2010. Jane has also contributed to two Canadian anthologies. Her articles about business, personal finance, history, faith, politics and social issues have appeared in more than a dozen publications including Write, Alberta Views, Winnipeg Free Press, Canadian Capital, Alberta Venture, Lethbridge Herald, and The Anglican Journal.


July 7, 2016 — Finding Home in the Promised Land, a personal history of homelessness and social exile wilFinding Home cover_HRl soon be available worldwide in e-book format through Signature Editions. Stay tuned for details in next few weeks.

Finding Home cover_HR