Media Reviews about Finding Home in the Promised Land

Harris delivers the information in a way that’s both intriguing and easy to understand. Connecting the systematic bureaucratic problems of homlessness in Canada to her own real life experiences makes Harris an effective and convincing storyteller. By the end of the book, readers might find themselves questioning whether they’re part of the societal problem, too. “- EMILY RIVAS, This Magazine, January/February 2016. 

“Harris … uses excerpts taken from notes she made at the time throughout the book to help illustrate her journey back from despair. These glimpses into her life at its lowest point add a personal touch to the more factual information she includes about Canada’s poor, and make the book more accessible.” ANDREA GEARY, Winnipeg Free Press, December 26, 2015.

Podcast Interview with Jane Harris about Canada’s Poverty Industry

My podcast interview with Aaron Roth is up. Join us as we chat about my book, Finding Home in the Promised Land, and how social exiles find home in Canada, despite the poverty industry. Have a listen: Home cover_HR

First Reader Comments about Finding Home in the Promised Land

I read Finding Home in the Promised Land on the plane today. Bravo! It’s a great weaving of history, memoir and cultural analysis. Thank you for so much food for thought! Barb Howard, Author Western TaxidermyNotes for Monday,The Dewpoint Show, Whipstock . Calgary, AB, Canada

“Jane’s memoir is more than her own story — she has an important statement to make on the value of a civilized society….Along the way,you will admire her courage and her upbeat style.” Goodreads Review Excerpt, Gordon Tolton, Author, Healy’s West, The Cowboy CavalryPrairie Warships, Rocky Mountain RangersCoaldale, Alberta, Canada.

Finished reading your book, Jane– a courageous report of the journey from anonymity to triumph.  A great deal for me to think about and reconsider.  I loved the link between ancestral past and renewed determination.  The courage and internal resources you discovered in yourself and the idea to write a book out of such experience is inspiring.  There are still stories within the story for the reader to guess and think about further.   You and your book deserve deep attention.  — Ruth Hart Budd, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Learning a lot from your book. As well as enjoying it, I really like your blend of history and personal journey.  I hope you will not mind my saying that your writing style has matured a good deal, over the years.  Denyse O’Leary, Journalist, Author, The Spiritual Brain, Faith@ScienceBy Design or Chance, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Finding Home in the Promised Land provided authentic insight into poverty and homelessness. The author has woven her own story with the story of her ancestors and the historical context of how the poor have become social exiles in Canada. Jane Harris has done an excellent job researching this book. I hope it will challenge those who read it to reconsider the assumptions we have made in providing solutions to a social issue that shamefully continues in our country. Jan Hardstaff, Edmonton. 

I just thought the book was fantastic. Thank you. Jan H., Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Thank you, Edmonton

Thanks, Audrey’s Books, Public Interest Alberta, the Parkland Institute, and everyone in the provincial capital. Finding Home in the Promised Land is on the Edmonton Journal’s best seller list this week. It’s just a start….Edmonton Journal best seller list

Finding Home in the Promised Land is heading to bookstores now!

It’s out! Finding Home in the Promised Land a personal history of homelesssness and social exile is now in print and heading to bookstores. I will be at the Whistler Writers’ Festival, October 16-18th. More Tour and launch news to follow soon!